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The Project of 2014

Fri Dec 20, 2013, 8:02 PM

  My activity in submitting anything for this year is very low, but I have decided what I intend to do. I suppose I should start with a story to the origin of the main character in my imagination, and imply there what I will be doing into the future. If you have been watching me for a long time, you will probably understand what I am about to say here.
  Some of you may all ready be aware of a character named "Jane Unbreon", whom I had created several years ago. I had, only a day ago, gone back to her inspiration and influence to begin writing a new story. This had me thinking that if I could not create an animation (without actual understanding of flash) or a number of stories without proper inspiration, I would be doing this in the other way I know how: sketching it.
  I have had several imaginary creations since I was much younger, but I found my favorite to be Jane Unbreon, who changes as I do.

  Originally, there was a character named Jane Reoneah, who had a reckless younger brother named Jacques, and their mother was named Janequa (sound familiar?). This was the stepping stone to creating what would inevitably and eventually become the Unbreon family. Originally, I did not label them as being Tesivan (the name did not even exist until much later), so I had them as alchemists to conclude why they were eccentric and different from other people.
  Jane Reoneah became Jane Unbreon several months after her initial creation, but both Janequa and Jacques had been lost to time until 2007, when I created the two others in Jane's family. Jane's initial design had her adorning long, blonde hair rather than a short violet bobcut. That long hair was later called the "Mane of Ilshept" because it was used for the separate character named Ilshept, along with the Shadow of the Universe, both in the color of mahogany. To have her separate of these characters, Jane became her own entity several years later.
  The word tesivan was coined with the first Universal Beast was created, which was used for the scientific name of the Shadow of the Universe, Janesagon Tesivan.
  What was created alongside Jane was a haven known as "the City Under the Sea", used to house beings who could change the balance of certain aspects of the universe. The concept of the City was originally used for a collection of the most diabolical villains, including several familiar names like King Bowser and Mewtwo. There was, at one short point, a time with King K. Rool and Ganondorf. What they all have in common is that, besides them each being villains (at one point or another) in the Nintendo franchise, they each were in videogames I played. At another point, there even included Maximillion Pegasus as one of the main characters before I brought in my most favorite villain.
  To explain what they were doing there, I began a story that included them. There was no name to this compilation of stories.
  Originally, the City Under the Sea was a castle under the surface of a lake on the planet Oragno, known as "Tragonahdon". These names were later implemented to mean "Planet of Dragons" and "Lake of Dragons" in the ancient Tesivan language (which had been brought together after 2007).
  After Pegasus had mysteriously disappeared from out of my imagination, I needed another to take his place at Jane's side as the Master of the City Under the Sea. There I had brought in Sephiroth.
I know what you might be about to say, that Sephiroth is as much an overrated villain in the history of videogames and all other media, but I had played Final Fantasy VII originally as a demo from a collection of Playstation games on one disc. I enjoyed his character very much when I could finally see Final Fantasy VII being played, so I thought to bring him into my imagination as the second main character.
  I sought to call this story "Jane and Sephiroth" as their duo is what would bring everything together. The name flows much better than another duos I thought it of.

 What I plan to be doing at the start line of 2014 is go back to the very beginning and start creating what I should have. I understand that this is quite the tall order of what I would be doing, but it would inevitably give me closure to what I started, and it would also tie several (if not all) loose ends for you. Besides, it would be quite the exciting project. I can introduce characters whom have never seen the light of day from even before the time of Jane, or even characters that are the most recent (Zerahkeil, Paragon, Pandemonium, Shaeinaugh, etc.).
  I honestly asked myself, "Why not?"
  Because of this, I am taking suggestions for any characters that you feel would fit. This includes characters of your own creation, but I must know that the character is actually yours, if you do. If you have a character that is not all ready drawn, you will have to either send me the picture (my email is on this profile if you must contact me) or have a very detailed description of the character. They can be human, humanoid, anthropomorphic (there is a difference between the latter two), or simply talking animals. Nothing or no one created purely for explicit reasons -- do not remotely ask me about that.
  So you can tell what it is, I have decided to label it with a preliminary name, "PROJECT: Jane and Sephiroth", before I can create a name that fits it perfectly. I will have sketches of each of the main characters, Jane, Sephiroth, and myself [included], and supporting characters (the Unbreon family, etc.). I will let you know when exactly I plan on submitting the first "episode" to begin on the origin of Jane and Sephiroth's elusive "relationship". I do warn you that there will be romance (very small amounts, though), but the main genres are Fantasy, Science-Fiction, and occasionally Mystery and Comedy.
Considering this is basically a massive crossover between all different genres and types of media, credit is given where credit is due. This comic will mostly be in complete color, so it will take some time for all of the pages to get through. I am aware that some of the time I do not continue my projects, but they are to all be included in some way, shape, or form.

  This journal will be amended sporadically, and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to let me know. But for now, I bid you...adieu.

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flummo Feb 16, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the :+fav: on science & faith. :heart:
ShadowDrakkon Feb 16, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
You are very welcome. :)
Lucain24 Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm gonna start focusing on you now C:
ShadowDrakkon Feb 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Okay. :)
Lucain24 Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
ShadowDrakkon Feb 15, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
(1 Reply)
Here's another video of LR English version:…
Wait, there is an update on Lindzei's profile in FF wiki.

Though Lindzei is referred to as male in the English version of Lightning Returns, her gender in the original Japanese remains ambiguous. The original Japanese version of the mythology uses gender-neutral pronouns, and none of the other games use specific gender pronouns to refer to any of the deities except Bhunivelze and Etro in their original language. The statues depicting it in Final Fantasy XIII are feminine, they may be based on its fal'Cie's image of a mother figure, and thus may not depict Lindzei's appearance accurately. Lindzei is referred to as a succubus in an Analect in the English version, which is a female demon.

Along with Diva from Final Fantasy Type-0, Etro is the only deity in the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythos to be specified as a goddess, and is often referred to as "the" goddess, giving the impression she is the only female deity out of the three - Pulse, Lindzei and Etro. However, most of the information on Etro in the games is from the point of view of the Farseers who worship Etro as their patron deity. Lindzei is represented by the Jack in the card games in Serendipity, a male symbol. The face on Lindzei's half of Bhunivelze's scythe in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII has androgynous features, and in the murals depicting the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy lore in the Dead Dunes, Lindzei appears masculine with vaguely feminine features.

ShadowDrakkon Feb 8, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Very interesting information. I suspected Lindzei would be referred to as a male in the English version, but I usually go with the Japanese versions for such information. I would often suspect Lindzei to be a female (considering the name is relative to "Lindsey" or "Lindsay", which are actually unisex names, but I think of them as female).
I had actually noticed a lot of these in the games (except Lindzei representing the Jack in Serendipity), though most of all the statues in the Narthex.
You have a very good eye for pointing out these descriptions in the Wikia profiles.
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